Workshops and Ideation

The research was undertaken on the front of funnel marketing pages for RMIT Online experience to answer the following issues: 

  • Over the next year, we may have 10s of courses
  • Many related industry partners
  • Courses could be sold individually, in consecutive connected programs or programs of independent but associated courses

Team members and my role

This particular workshops and ideation facilitated by UX/SD Director and myself. We planned, prepared and conducted the sessions together. And then I documented, got insights out of it and demonstrated with Value Proposition Opportunity Flow and Thought Tree of the users. Based on the hypothesis, I created low-fidelity wireframes to test with the users.

Market research and internal interviews

Prior to these workshops, I went through all the quantitive data and marketing research. I interviewed 7 internal vital members from different teams. I also analysed Online L&D competitors to explore what others do well, what is missing and what will be the value proposition for RMIT Online.

Competitive analysis: Online Learning and Development Sites

How Might We statements

Based on the internal interviews and market research, we came out with these how might we (HMW) statements to understand further:

  • how might the value of credentials in relation to RMIT and the strategic partner encourage better lead generation and conversion
  • how might the value of a skills matching and recommendation service help students make the right choices about courses
  • how might the student’s lifestyle and requirements affect their enrolment choices and conversion to enrolment
  • how might the exposure of community and slack in the marketing experience help prospects understand the value of our course community and mentors
  • how might the exposure of mentors in the value proposition of course with strategic partnerships affect potential conversion 
  • how might we manage the spare time of professional enrolled students to encourage them to complete their courses successfully
  • how might we encourage students to manage their time and enrol in other courses in order to build their careers and become lifelong learners
  • how might we educate students to learn about the nature of online study in order to be successful when they enrol
  • how might we make payment process easy with diverse methods for the students’ instant decision making to enrol

Stakeholder and internal team workshops

RMIT Online Internal team workshop

The Value Proposition & The Product/Market Fit

Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer

Channel, user experience, value for the channel and key metrics

Product/Market Fit workshop-value for the channel and key metrics

Rose Bud Thorn Design Thinking Activity

We facilitated Rose, Bud, Thorn workshop (Design Thinking Activity) to understand what’s working, what’s not, and areas of opportunity.

Rose = something that is working well or something positive
Bud = an area of opportunity or idea yet to be explored
Thorn = something that isn’t working or something negative

Rose Buds and Thorns Exercise

The Product Vision Template & Elevator Pitch

We also used the product vision template, to sum up, who the user is, the value proposition and that links back to company objectives.

The product vision template

Outputs of the workshops

Value proposition opportunity flow
Thought Tree-Student experience
User Flow
Site Map and Content


Outputs are transferred into ideation for UI Target state and prototypes

Ideation-Sketch Workshop and Dot-Vote

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