SLACK BOARD, THE NEW FEATURE personal data organiser

“Would you use Slack as a personal communication tool?”

This project is about a feature we created as a solution, ‘Slack Board’ where users can organise and access important information of (work and social) interest easily.

Client: Slack

Timeframe: 2 weeks

My role & teamwork

Team members: Inyoung, Anya, Paul, Victor

My primary contributions to this project are framing statement and solution statement, ideation, strategy.

  • Anya: planning and persona
  • Paul: user flows and pitching
  • Victor: sketching and hi-fi prototypes

Although, we worked closely together through the entire process and communicated well each other.

UX Design Methodology: Double Diamond

1 Discovery

  • Brief
  • Research
  • User Interviews
  • Comparative analysis

2 Define and Ideation

  • Affinity mapping and synthesising
  • Creating persona
  • Ideation with framing statement
  • Solution Statement

3 Design

  • User Flows
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Usability testing

4 Deliver

  • High-fidelity prototypes
  • Presentation


The goals of the project are:

  • Design a new feature for the mobile phone app
  • A compelling case for how new features will attract personal users and help grow future of business
  • Identify most ideal use cases for the mobile app
  • Be aware of Integration with desktop and smartwatch app
  • Moving from professional organisations to the mainstream market

Research & Insights

After the briefing, we kick-started to research on Slack, sharing all interesting and relevant articles and information. We focused the research on the brant, their core values, business model, slack features and customers. Here are the key insights about the company :

  • Clear, simple and charismatic motto and core values
  • From an idea to billion-dollar business in just 3 years
  • Maintains clean UI with clever information architecture and content strategy
  • Strong paid customer base
  • Freemium business model
  • Little to no interest in personal communication or social networking space

about slack

Comparative Analysis


Affinity Map for slack project


Slack project persona


“How might Slack users organise work/social information they are interested in from multiple channels?”

Based on the framing statement we generated ideation with ‘Design Studio’ method. Lots of good ideas, some are in-depth, came out so we ran the second ideation to narrow down. We used ‘dot-voting’ method to choose an idea to proceed.

slack ideation

Solution Statement

Create a ‘Slack Board’ feature where users can organise and access important information of (work and social) interest easilyIntro of Slack board organiser

User Flows

Creating a new Slack Board — 3 clicks

Accessing any Slack Board — 3 clicks

Adding pins to any Slack Board — 2 clicks

Slack new feature user flows

Rapid Prototyping & Usability testing

paper prototypes

High-fidelity prototypes

slack board prototype main page

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