Pet Project: Business Card Swapping App

UI, UX, Icon Design and Naming

This is my pet project. I have always been against physical paper business cards for two reasons. First, they are extra things to carry around, and people often leave them behind when they need one. Second, they are anti-environmental. Making business cards not only cost money but trees and nature. They are usually hard to be recycled too. I wanted to design something digital to solve the problems and explore the current technology that can be used.

Tools used: Sketch App, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Device: Apple Watch
Technology: NFC

I researched the web and app market to start with and found a pivot area that most of the apps lack. The most of apps are too complicated to use with various features. The primary functions of the apps are scanning business cards, designing your own or managing them. None of the apps has a capacity for instant sharing without typing and a conversation.

I ideated with sketches on the hypothesis, “How might we create an app that instantly shares their essential information without an effort and time”. I came out with a simple app that is focused on “Sharing First and Managing Later”.

This app is a mobile app that integrates with a smartwatch using NFC technology. Here I show my design of the smartwatch app (WatchOS). It automatically detects the other person’s device (when both users have the app installed, and set the optional setting to do so) when they are near you. Another way, open the app or touch your smartwatch to the other’s smartwatch. Next, it alerts/shows you to send your business card with a confirmation CTA. You click the button ‘Send’ or flick the screen (your business card) with your finger motion towards upright. As a result, your name and phone number appear on the other person’s watch screen. You can send/receive the contact details with just one simple touch, that is it.

What next?

  • Concept testing with the end-users
  • Explore how to integrate with a mobile app especially the area of managing the contacts and their information
  • In-depth research on technology and its constraints with the experts
  • Mock-up mobile design and test it with the smartwatch app

Apple watchOS app overview

Flicard Apple watchOS app overview

Apple watchOS icon design

flicard - watchOS icons of business card swapping experience

Apple watchOS app prototype

flicard watchOS app prototype