Perfect timepiece for you

As the debate continues over whether the Apple Watch is a success or a failure in terms of expectations, a couple of things have become clear: the first is that despite criticism that it leaves much to be desired in terms of usability, battery life, and other aspects, users seem very pleased with it. The second thing is that, as has been expected for a couple of months, the sales in the traditional watch market have fallen sharply, a fact that some of those affected now admit. Continue reading “Perfect timepiece for you”

Summer in the City – Series of Student photo essays

We knew the future of independent journalism would involve a rethinking of revenue. The initial impetus for this convening was Bill Moyers’ musing that our democracy would be profoundly strengthened if large foundations could devote a tiny fraction of their budgets to a trust fund for independent journalism. Continue reading “Summer in the City – Series of Student photo essays”